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Liquid Filling Machine
Jun 12, 2017

New horizontal design, lightweight and convenient, automatic pumping, for thick paste can be added hopper feed.

Manual and Automatic switching function: When the machine in the "automatic" state, the machine at the set speed, automatic continuous filling. And when the machine is in the "manual" state, the operator step pedal, to achieve the filling, if you have been treading on, it becomes automatic continuous filling state. Drip-proof filling system: The cylinder moves up and down during filling.

1. Optional Accessories

A. Needle filling head: Applicable to small-caliber bottles and hose packaging products filling. The needle part caliber and length can be customized according to the specific size of the container.

B. Rotary/ball Valve control system: suitable for different viscosity and contain particles of materials, and can solve high, high-pressure feeding, and other pressure problems.

C. Hopper: The proposed filling viscosity larger product configuration, in order to achieve better filling effect.