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Operation specification for bottle blowing machine
Jun 12, 2017

Automatic bottle blowing Machine safety operation Standard must knowledge

(1) Every shift before the boot, must be in the activities of lubricating oil once. (Manipulator, manipulator Guide, opening and closing mode guide)

(2) The swinging arm can be added once (3-4) days. Heating machine big chain small chain can be one months. Often check the host reducer, heating reducer whether the lack of oil. Host bearings can be added 3 months.

(3) Before the production to check whether the moving parts are solid, screw loose, especially the strong impact of the place, belt drive part is abnormal.

(4) Check the high pressure gas source, low pressure gas source, power supply, water source is normal.

(5) Check the emergency stop switch, safety door switch, protection device detection switch is normal.

(6) Check the heating head into the embryo, part of the work is normal. If the embryo is not in place, it can adjust the nut of the device.

(7) Check whether the lamp is damaged or broken. To be replaced in time.

(8) Check whether the pneumatic components leak, the movement is sensitive.

(9) Check whether the triad of abnormal air leakage, whether the blockage, water Cup storage volume is too full.

(10) automatic blowing machine solenoid valve in case of abnormal, should be cleaned in time "every blow bottle 3.5 million cleaning once."