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Automatic 5 Gallon PET Preform Injection Moulding Making Machine

Automatic 5 Gallon PET Preform Injection Moulding Making Machine
1.Strengthen locking structure
2.Superior clamping system
3.Powerful,friendly control system
Product Details:

Automatic 5 gallon PET preform injection moulding making machine

Product introduction of  PET preform injection molding machine

Eceng has been involved with PET preform Injection Moulding Machines for more than 10 years. Eceng Machinery provides different options for our PET machine,such as additional pressure holding system,double pumps system for better plasticizing effect and post cooling system for preforms.


Technical features of 5 gallon Preform injection machine

1.Adopt double variable pump system to execute mould open during material charing,reduce the cycle time massfully.

2.Small clamping unit with large shot weight,suitable for different PET preform mould requirements.

3.Equip with low speed and high torque hydraulic motor which is good for charging material stably and fast.

4.Big diameter screw and barrel,special  design for PET material

5.Increased ejector force and stroke to improve the ejecting speed.

6.Eauip with special cooling water distributor and compressed air valve for easy operation.

7.Platen hole could be drilled specially according to preform mould,cancel clamp plate for fixing mould.

8.Powerful system with special injection unit to improve the injection and charing speed.


Pictures of injection molding machine

5gallon preform injection machine(001).jpg









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