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Bottle Blowing Machine Maintenance
Jun 12, 2017

1 feeding position does not feed: need to check several cases:

Whether the hopper has no material, if it is: need to quickly feed

Not: Please check if the hoist's control contactor is in the electrical state, if it is in the electrical state, quickly check whether the motor is in power and load state, because this is likely to be the preform (embryo) stuck in the lift belt, then the easiest way is to artificially help ascend.

If the control contactor of the hoist is not in the electrical state, check the bottle embryo to see if the eye is not in the same line as the reflector.

2 Feed old card feed PLATE: This situation is a headache problem, from the experience if the length of the preform (embryo) is relatively long cut weight, then this phenomenon is relatively small.

3 bottles can not be removed from the mold after blown.

First of all, the mold should be opened, manually open and close the mold, if normal, running in the empty running state, if it is normal.

Please check your exhaust time settings, if the exhaust is set normally, and every time a blow bottle is a fault, then can be judged is the problem of exhaust valve, please open the exhaust valve to check its spring and seal condition (this kind of fault also has a phenomenon is the exhaust sound is larger or has the line to be not clean sound).

If you encounter a lot of mold production normal accidentally come to this kind of open die, please check if the lock die pin has a section of the screw inside, please check if the clamping force is too large, if too large should be adjusted according to the standard.