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Labeling Machine Advantages
Jun 12, 2017

Wide range of application, can meet the round bottle of the whole week labeling or half circumference labeling, bottle labeling switch simple, convenient adjustment;

Tag overlap is high, the standard belt bypasses the use of corrective mechanism, superscript with no deviation, the labeling site X Y-Z Three directions and the inclination of eight degrees of freedom adjustable, no dead corners, label overlap high;

Product Features Edit

Labeling quality Excellent, the use of suppression-coated belt, labeling flat, no wrinkles, improve packaging quality;

Flexible application, bottle standing labeling, with automatic bottle-splitting function, can be produced by single machine, can also be connected to production line;

Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with nothing without labeling, non-standard automatic correction and labeling automatic detection function, to prevent leakage stickers and label waste;

High stability, Panasonic PLC Panasonic touch screen + Panasonic needle-shaped eye + the German labor easy to measure the electronic control system, supporting the equipment 7x24 hour operation;

Simple adjustment, labeling speed, transmission speed, bottle speed can be achieved stepless speed regulation, according to the need to adjust;

Rugged, with three-bar adjustment mechanism, full use of the stability of the triangle, the whole machine solid and durable. Manufactured with stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, in line with GMP