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The operation principle of the bottle blowing machine
Jun 12, 2017

Blowing machine mainly divided into three categories: extrusion blowing machine, injection blowing machine and special structure of the bottle blowing machine. Processing technology is divided into one-step and two-step two. One-step and two-step blowing machine molding process, mainly used in pet and Bopp hollow container molding. Both have their own characteristics, are widely used. In comparison, the two-step method is more suitable for concentrating the production of preform, dispersing and blowing bottles, and one-step equipment is more suitable for the online production of beverage enterprises.

Blowing machine blowing process There are 6 main steps: 1 First of all, the heating of the plastic embryo into the mold, 2 of the use of the clamping cylinder to tighten the mold; 3) and then the use of high-pressure or mechanical structure to make the embryo mold locked; 4 medium and high pressure pre blowing gas, while stretching the cylinder action to make the embryo mold swell; 5 high-pressure blowing, bottle embryo according to mold stereotypes, and keep pressure for a certain time; 6. The high-pressure release in the molded bottle and the cylinder reset--take the bottle.

Pneumatic equipment used in the operation of the bottle-blowing machine is very many places, from the discharge-locking-stretching-high-pressure blowing gas, discharge-to take the bottle, this series of actions are assisted by the pneumatic equipment. such as stretching high-pressure air blowing loop, according to FIG. 2, we can see that the gas path is divided into two pieces, the normal pressure part and the high-pressure two parts.