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What is the relationship between the bottle blowing machine and the blow molding machine?
Jul 11, 2018

Bottle blowing machine: bottle blowing machine. The simplest explanation is a machine that can make plastic granules or bottle embryos into bottles through a certain process. At present, most bottle blowing machines are still two step blowing machines, that is, they must first make plastic raw materials into bottle embryos and then blow them. Nowadays, pet plastics are commonly used in environmental protection plastics.

Blow molding machine: after spraying the liquid plastic out, the wind is blown out by the machine, and the plastic is blown to the cavity of a certain shape to make the product. This machine is called the blow molding machine. It is also a kind of bottle blowing machine, which explains the blow molding machine in a broad sense and the bottle blowing machine. The bottle blowing machine includes the blow molding machine, the hollow molding machine, the injection blow machine and the two step bottle blowing machine, which are used now. It is simply a machine. The machine is carefully said to produce a hollow container. There are 2 kinds of air blowing machine and hydraulic bottle blower. Less than 10L is produced, and hydraulic pressure is generally more than 10L, because of its high energy consumption.