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YCQ-5L-2 Detail introduction of full automatic PET bottle blowing machine
Apr 03, 2018

Edible oil bottle PET bottle blowing machine with up to 3 cavity, single cavity can manufacture PET bottles, 5 liters of cooking oil. This edible oil PET bottle blowing machine can also blow up other 2L large capacity plastic packaging containers, such as carbonated beverage bottles, middle and low temperature filling fruit juice beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, pesticide bottles and other plastic bottles blowing molding.

The characteristics of PET bottle blowing machine for edible oil:
1. PET bottle blowing machine is highly automated.
2. high speed;
3. stable bottle embryo heating system and high efficiency blowing system;
4. high output, concealed high speed flowing production;
There is no pollution in the bottle body during the blowing process of 5. PET bottle blowing machine.
6. the series PET bottle blowing machine is highly energy-saving.

7. PET bottle blowing machine is easy to repair, safe to operate, and the noise of the bottle blowing equipment is very low.


Edible oil bottle PET bottle blowing machine is designed for blowing 5 liters of edible oil bottle specially developed two step automatic blow molding equipment, to meet customer demand for large capacity, high speed, fully automated production.


Automatic feeding machine for working efficiency, transportation is accurate, durable and reliable quality, and in the process of feeding raw materials without moisture, without pollution, without foreign bodies, no leakage, transported from the realization of the feeding process, to avoid the risk of aerial feeding, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.


Using infrared heating lamps, strong penetration, embryoheated while rotation, orbit, uniform heating, fast and reliable; in the heating zone, lamp reflector width and height can be adjusted by heating, suitable for different structure of the preform, and automatic exhaust temperature device to ensure constant temperature oven.


YCQ linear bottle blows machine adopts advanced micro computer PLC control system, the performance is stable, the operation method has two ways of manual and automatic.